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30 07 2012

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Back to School!!!

8 09 2014

You are very welcome!!!!

I hope most of you are eager to come back, those of you who think positively and those who aren’t… still thinking about the holidays…


You are likely to be wondering where to start.   No problem.   Here’s the answer, follow Mr Carroll’s advice.



1st year Revision

6 06 2014


LAST BUT NOT LEAST…  Here you’ve got  some websites to revise what you have learnt up to now: The Ancient Age.





Surf on them and enjoy


1st year. Photo contest pics

3 06 2014

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You all took excellent photos !!!  Congrats !!!

1st prize: Diego Gomez ” La gota de la vida”

2nd prize: Mikel Mendia  ” Two states of water “

3rd prize: Pablo Aragunde   “Deposito de Elejabarri”

SAMSUNG CSC1. Two states of the water MIKEL MENDIA

1st Year Final Project.

1 06 2014

Remember during the first term we put off a couple of units (5 & 6)   about the continents and Spain’s natural environment and… here it is!!

This is the first part of the Final Project. I guess you’ll be wondering about the second… don´t worry as you’ll be informed  in class.

Download the instructions, the maps and the data. Deadline is on June 16th !!

instructions for maps project

FEATURES                                                      MAPS

S AMERICA               South_America_with_borders     AMERICA physical map

N-C AMERICA          North_America_with_borders

EUROPE                      Europe_outline_with_borders      EUROPE physical map

ASIA                            Asia_with_borders                        ASIA physical map

AFRICA                      Africa_with_borders                     AFRICA physical map

SPAIN                         MAPS SPAIN


28 05 2014

If you want to watch the school video “Be Water” starred  by Gaztelueta 1st secondary students, you just have to click on the link below.

It contains all the students’ sketches, their bloppers & outtakes and the visit to the Consorcio de Aguas de Bilbao.

This video is a part of the “Be Water Project” together with the “Be Water Photo Contest”  and the “Water Exhibition” which was held at Gaztelueta.

You will hear about the latter ones very soon!!




1st Year Egyptian god/godess

26 05 2014

Imagine you have travelled in time with your laptop to the Ancient Egyptian civilization. This time you are lucky because you are part of the privileged estate. You are a scribe!!

The Pharaoh wants you to draw and colour an Egyptian god/goddess on a papyrus, or at least similar, with the god’s name and what he is god of written in Hieroglyphics and in English as well.

I guess the Pharaoh is learning English somehow or other….

Download the following document which will help you to choose, if you wish you can also surf on the net and choose another.

Egyptian gods

This website can help you to translate.


Here you’ve got the instructions to make a papyrus at home.

Instructions to make a payrus

These are some  samples from former students:

29042013598 2904201359929042013600



20 05 2014

 Download the  rules to take part in the BE WATER PHOTO CONTEST.  Only for 1st year students !!

bases del concurso de fotografia


Don’t forget the entry deadline, 28th May.


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